Should You Wear That Bindi?
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White People: - “Black people are always pulling the race card!”

Every time I see Shanesha Taylor’s mugshot my heart breaks into pieces.
Anonymous sent: Isn't it fine to wear a sticker bindi outside of religious purposes? Several Hindu people have told me that its only ash, mark and vermillion ones that are not to be worn outside of religion. Is this right or have I been misinformed?

in my !*!*!*!*!*!*!*!opinion!*!*!*!*!*!*!*! it’s still not okay because it’s still downplaying something with religious ties.

zinge sent: I love the pro-lifers who believe the pictures of fetuses next to quarters and buttons and shit are real abortions. Because yes, a trained medical doctor would take someone's aborted fetus, which would normally have actually been reduced to fluid anyway, and place the remaining tissue on a table net to household items despite how unsanitary that is and how much of an invasion of privacy that is, snap photos of it, and then post them online. Ah yes. Our nation's finest real life doctors.


Seriously, those ones make me laugh, like how ignorant do you have to be?

Plus the real photo’s they use are usually stolen from places that are trying to determine the fetuses cause of death and being used with no ones consent.


Praying for South Korea, and the families of those on the ship who have died and those who are still missing. May you have peace and comfort in this time.

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Dreamworks is doing something even Pixar hasn’t tried: A black female heroine

DreamWorks Animation Studios has announced the addition of a black female heroine (gasp!) to its repertoire of white dogs, green ogres, snails, Neanderthals, pandas, white people and Antz. In doing so, it joins an elite club consisting of … well, nobody.
Not one major Hollywood studio has released a computer animated feature starring a black character.
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Anonymous sent: Before all of this became a big issue, when I was younger and used to go to any Hindu weddings or events I would always wear a bindi (I am desi and muslim). Your thoughts on this? I see it is very common in the desi community.

at a wedding that is acceptable in my opinion

Anonymous sent: I saw an article on huffington post about the cultural appropriation of bindis. According to the article, white people wearing them is not cultural appropriation b/c, to directly quote the author, "We can't accuse non-Hindus of turning the bindi into a fashion accessory w/ little religions meaning b/c, well, we've already done that." What's your opinion on this?

bullshit and horrible. it still has extreme religious meaning

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Anonymous sent: do you think it's appropriate for a white person to wear a bindi if they practice hinduism and are dedicated to that religion?

Yes it’s appropriative


Hey hey hey hey.

Tomorrow afternoon starting around 4 we’re gonna trend #Fornever21 in protest of the Black Panther crop top Forever 21 is selling. This is a collab between thisiswhiteprivilege, whitepeoplesaidwhat, and weareallmixedup. Some good examples we’ve…